Providing a Safe, Loving Full Term Home for Trafficked Girls 15 Years and Younger.

Let us take a journey to a place where Hell is literally on Earth. We enter this dimension of Hell, somewhat nervous and scared of what we will find. As this journey unfolds, we quickly learn our parents were horribly wrong. There are monsters, and they are real as the night, and evil as only evil can be! These monsters live and feed off of the souls of the innocent. The innocence of children…. babies really. These monsters, who have stolen the youth, the innocents, the life of these children’s very souls. Imagine a place where there is no hope no true love, no safety and only abuse and chaos.

This is not a horror story or dark fairy tale. This is reality today and every day for over 81,000 children at the age of 15 years and younger. They are living this nightmare every day and night. They will relive this nightmare day after day after day and likely for the rest of their lives. They have no voice, no hope and finally no understanding of what humanity is really all about.

Our American Heroes are out there every day and night, trying to find these lost children. They are searching for and finding the monsters. I pray each and everyday they will find all the monsters and bring them to justice and freeing these children. I also pray, we can provide a safe, loving home for the children our Heroes have and will rescued. A home of hope, love and light. A home these small victims can start anew on The Day After Yesterday.

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