If you believe your daughter (9 years of age and older) might have any of the following perceptions related to self-esteem, loneliness, and or disposition check the box next to one of the questions shown below. If you check 3 or more boxes you should be concerned your daughter may be vulnerable to sex-traffic predators.

  1. Has your daughter expressed or exhibited signs she does not feel loved? She may be, but not necessarily, a middle child. Does she spend a lot of time on social media sites to find someone who will give her attention or demonstrate an interest in things she finds interesting? Do you know if she has ever conveyed to a family member or friend she feels unloved?
  2. Has your daughter said no one cares if she lives or dies? If so, she may be vulnerable to the tempting schemes of a predator who will show her they care and appreciate her. This person will most often be the one to initiate further contact with statements like, “I truly care for you and want to know about all the things you care for and are interested.” This predator (usually male) may be unknown to you and extremely skilled at developing a relationship with your daughter using a cyber dialog she may find extremely irresistible.
  3. Are you and other members of your family too busy to spend one-on-one time with your daughter? In our busy world of work and numerous responsibilities we often forget that our children want and need more of our time. Young girls who do not receive enough attention from parents too often feel they are unnoticed and unappreciated for the things they have achieved at school or at home. Are you a mother or father who is too busy to tell her how great and special she is? The traffickers know this all to well. Think predator or monster when you hear word trafficker. They are one and the same.
  4. Are you aware that your daughter may feel unsafe and unable to depend on anyone in her family to protect her. Spend time with her and ask her about her feelings relative to safety. (Listen with love and compassion) If you do not take an interest in her, the predator will. She will be looking for someone she can depend on when she is in need. Support the endeavors she is involved in at school. Show up to encourage her.
  5. Has your daughter been told the following five things by a strong male(s) in her immediate family i.e., father, grandfather. She will look elsewhere if not. This must be told to her face to face. Even better, tell her as a united male family unit. Make it a moment she will always remember.
    1. I/we love you.
    2. You/we think you are beautiful.
    3. You/we believe you to be a very special person.
    4. You/we see you each day and believe you have great worth.
    5. I/we will protect you from harm even if it costs me/us my/our life/lives.

If this is not told to your daughter by a strong family male or males, she will go looking for validation. Predators know this very well. They know the words. They know what works.