We Fight Against Child Abuse

Our mission is to prevent child abuse around the world through education.

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401-Kids aims to prevent child abuse wherever it exists.
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401-Kids helps abused children by providing comfort and clothing.
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Who We Are

401-Kids is a non-profit foundation with a mission to education the public about the dangers of child abuse. Through our teachings, we hope to prevent the cycle of child abuse from continuing.

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401-Kids Inc board members and volunteers are dedicated to fight child abuse through prevention and pro-active programs. As professional law enforcement officers, we will fight for juveniles, regardless of race, who have been abused and forced into sex trafficking. We are dedicated in providing education and training about child abuse and sex trafficking to law enforcement and the community in general.
You can help end the vicious cycle of child abuse by educating those around you about its harmful effects. Donate today online and help support our foundation and its mission to keep children safe.
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In Broad Daylight

A project to raise funds to produce a docudrama that brings awareness to sex trafficking of indigenous Native Americans.. Learn more

Safe Harbor House

A project to raise funds to build safe homes for abused children. Learn more

What’s New

401-Kids Inc which is raising funds to build a home for trafficked girls, was donated ten acres of land for the construction. The generosity of these two brothers is God sent and greatly appreciated. The land is located in the Oklahoma City Metro area. For future security concerns of the recovered trafficked girls, the exact location will not be publicly disclosed.

Five Things that Attract Teenage Girls to a Sex-Trafficker

If you believe your daughter (9 years of age and older) might have any of the following perceptions related to self-esteem, loneliness, and or disposition check the box next to one of the questions shown below. If you check 3 or more boxes you should be concerned your...

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Safe Home Update July 2023

401-Kids Inc which is raising funds to build a home for trafficked girls, was offered ten acres of land for the construction. This offer was withdrawn with the donors selling the land. Never the less, we are moving forward in our search for funding to build...

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Safe Home Update: Rendering

This is a rendering of The Day After Yesterday's home for recovered sex-trafficked girls. This home is an open concept approximately 8,000 square foot of a continuous structure. We are striving to make this home as family like as it can be made. It is designed to be a...

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How We Help Children


Donate Clothing

We provide much needed clothing, essentials, comfort and Fresh Start Backpacks to children who have recently been removed from an abusive environment.


Educate Against Child Abuse

Our mission is to educate the public how to identify child abuse in their community and the proper ways to intervene on behalf of the child.


Support Local Organizations

Our gifts of clothing and essentials are given to local organizations who are in need of support for abused children in transition between a broken home and foster care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the topic of child abuse, there are many more questions than there are answers. We hope our website provides answers to many of your questions.

If you have questions after viewing our site, please contact us.

What can I do to help?
You can take a stand against child abuse by identifying it in your community and reporting it to the authorities. You may also make a charitable donation to our foundation and help us fight against child abuse.
What types of items can I donate?
You may make a cash donation of any amount online. If you would like to donate clothing, essentials or toys, please contact us today to find out how.
How does your foundation help abused children?
Our foundation provides children with clothing, essentials they need and Fresh Start Backpacks after they have been removed from an abusive environment. Many of these children have absolutely nothing and require fresh clothing and hygiene products.

Take A Stand Against Child Abuse!

Donating today will make a difference in the life of a child tomorrow.