Greetings friends and supporters! Here in Oklahoma the end of winter is near. There will be a couple of weeks of days of cold and then warm and then cold again before spring is sprung. A fifty degree change in temperature from one day to the next, is not that unusual in Oklahoma before Mother Nature starts the roll-out of spring. Of course in Oklahoma, spring means tornadoes, twisters or cyclones…pick your terminology depending on where you are visiting this Facebook or web page from.

Next Friday (March 6th, 2015) the 401-Kids Board will meet to discuss foundation business. Co-founder and board member LEO Mark Ingram will present a request for support to law enforcement in the form of a special portable handheld light which will show up old bruises on children and adults that otherwise would not be visible. The board will explore this technology and see if it would be advantages to supply such lights to child abuse investigators so they are better able to view older injuries and document them to support their findings and recommendations to their respective prosecutors.

At the conclusion of the board meeting next Friday, I will report back the findings and action taken or not taken on this recommendation.

In addition to the special light to detect old injuries on children, the board will discuss donating “New Start” backpacks to children who have been freed from trafficking and sexual slavery. This type of support has been very successful in Wichita, Kansas. As a law enforcement officer of 45 years of experience on three continents, I have seen and taken action against trafficking of children. I cannot think of a more horrible and despicable lasting act than to force or manipulate a child into sexual slavery. The lasting effects and infection of their soul, will stay with this human being for their entire life.

As always, if you suspect child abuse then it is your moral duty to report your suspicions to your local state agencies. Please help us, law enforcement, fight child abuse thereby investing in our children. Your donations helps us help LEO to fight child abuse.

Clint Thompson
Chairman, 401-Kids Inc.