Updating: Funding for Trafficked Girls, Fifteen Years and Younger

For the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November, I have been busy in making personal contacts to build a team to support 401-Kids Inc. This support team is made up of an attorney, accounting firm and architect. This team will support our foundation moving forward to build the first of many homes for trafficked girls fifteen years and younger.

In addition I have researched many Oklahoma City Metro foundations to see if they would be interested in help funding this so badly needed home. I have reached out to over twelve of these foundations who showed an interest. I am now awaiting their decision to either help Trafficked children or not. I am very hopeful.

I am asking for volunteers to reach out to your local corporations. To reach out to your places of employment to see if they would accept our bid for payroll deduction. If you can do this for trafficked children then we will be moving forward in our fight.

Trafficking in women is nothing less than slavery. Human trafficking is a scourge upon this earth. Trafficking in children is an abomination against all humanity. For another to take a child by force and introduce them to a life of sexual trafficking is as vile an act as I can imagine. The most vile act I as a law enforcement officer have had to investigate. We must fight this scourge with every resource we can muster. Please help 401-Kids Inc. fight for our children.

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