Safe Harbor House

At the beginning of the formation of 401Kids Inc., the four founding law enforcement officers envisioned a home where abused children could feel for the first time in their life, a place of love and safety. These law enforcement officers quickly learned how difficult it is to raise donations of the smallest amounts, let alone the money it would take to buy land, build a home, furnish this home and support the abused children who would surely come.

Safe harbor house floor plans

These founding law enforcement officers would watch in wonder when a billionaire oil and gas man would donate hundreds of millions of dollars for a sports program and refuse to consider helping our youngest of citizens in serious danger. They would sit down and figure if such a donation was given to save our children, 80 homes could be built with assets to fund each for five years. What price are we willing to put on an innocent childs life? My question is… what price are you willing to put on a single child’s life? Help us make good parents out of poor little souls who have started out in life thinking violence and abuse is a way of showing love. We ask each of you to set a price on a single child’s life and send use that amount. Help us break the cycle of violence.

The home design you see above, is designed to provide a safe harbor for up to eight children and expandable to ten.

Take A Stand Against Child Abuse!

Donating today will make a difference in the life of a child tomorrow.