401-KIDS Child Abuse Foundation
The Concept of 401-KIDS Child Abuse Charity Preventing Child Abuse with Respect, Communication, Family, Patience and Love

401-KIDS Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

The concept of 401-KIDS Child Abuse Foundation was born out of a need to continue the fight against child abuse. Four Oklahoma police officers had become very active in working with abused children. Through their Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 157 they provided the funds to buy teddy bears that were given to suspected abused children that were brought to Oklahoma’s Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK.

401-Kids Safe Harbor House Project

Safe Harbor House drawing
A proposed home where abused children can feel love and safety. Learn more about our Safe Harbor Home Project»

Child Abuse: From the Child’s Perspective

A hospital is a very scary place to a young child who was just jerked from his mother and father by a scary police officer. The victim child learns through television that only bad people are taken away by the police. That only bad people are placed in the police cars. When the scary police officer takes them from their home and puts them in a police car they can only believe they have done something wrong. This belief is reinforced by the fact the abusive parent always hammers into their psyche that they are bad. “Hey, Dad always tells me I am bad and now this is proof…..I am bad.”

After arriving at the hospital the child’s fears are even elevated when all these strangers start poking and prodding all over them. The child is now looking for someone to rescue them, someone to take them away from here even if that person who two hours ago just put a lit cigarette out on them for the 10th time that day.

Fear will cause a person to think and do illogical things. Adult people have been know to run right back into a house on fire because of fear. Imagine, if you can, what would be going through the mind of a child who for the better part of their young life knows only hurt, pain and indifference. Even a child living in constant physical, sexual and mental abuse at home will prefer that to the unknown. If the only thing they know is abuse then they believe that everyone lives with abuse. They would believe that abuse is normal and equate love with abuse. If the abuse to this child is allowed to continue they will grow up reinforced with the knowledge that love equals abuse. The cycle continues the numbers grow.


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Friday February 27, 2015


Lessons From Life by Ronald Russell

A child that lives with ridicule learns to be timid.
A child that lives with criticism learns to condemn.
A child that lives with distrust learns to be deceitful.
A child that lives with antagonism learns to be hostile.
A child that lives with affection learns to love.
A child that lives with encouragement learns confidence.
A child that lives with truth learns justice.
A child that lives with praise learns to appreciate.
A child that lives with sharing learns to be considerate.
A child that lives with knowledge learns wisdom.
A child that lives with patience learns to be tolerant.
A child that lives with happiness will find love and beauty.

Provided to us by our new friend Roy Rickards who is 88 years young.